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Pregnancy Resource Center
43A South Court St. • Athens, OH 45701

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Here are some of the wonderful things that our clients are saying about us:

"Very comforting; I was almost shaking when I came in, but the staff helped to calm me down and was very understanding. I especially like that they were nonjudgemental."

"Thank you. I felt very comfortable and informed."

"Very helpful - wish more people knew/utilized the PRC. I'll be sure to tell my friends."

The help was great. Very informative and friendly."

"The women were great - very compassionate and respectful. Thank you very much!"

“Thank you — I was very afraid & you brought a bit of peace of mind to me. Thank you!!”

“Everyone was very nice & helpful. They talked to me about my life and plans, and not just about sex. I would recommend anyone to come here.”

“I felt very comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Staff members were extremely friendly and well-informed. Thank you so much!”

“I think the free test is great as I have no money to spend on a $20 test. I think that you all have the ability to help people like me and hope you continue to do so. Thank you very much.”

“I think that the Pregnancy Resource Center is a really good place to have. I was treated very nicely by the volunteers and the experience was a good one."

“I recommend this to any girl who’s worried about pregnancy or is pregnant.”

“Thank you so much for everything. It was very respectful and comforting to know there is a place like this. Thanks to the staff; everyone was very respectful and of course helpful!”