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Why be a Church Liaison with your local PRC?

Pregnancy-Related Concerns Exist Within the Church

Members of your church experience unplanned pregnancies — 18% of women having abortions state that they are born again believers in Jesus Christ.

The services of your local pregnancy resource center (PRC) literally save the lives of the children of families in your church and provide life-affirming alternatives

to abortion to women and men sitting in your pews each Sunday.

Church members are often afraid to discuss their past abortions due to fear of being judged or discussed. They need a safe place to come and participate

in a post-abortion healing program with staff trained in the trauma of post-abortion regret. This process enables them to heal and to better serve Him in the local church.

Mutual Support Between the Church and the PRC

The local PRC teaches clients about the importance of marriage and the local church has resources that will help them build strong marriages and families.

Your church has people who can be marriage mentors to young couples seeking to build a strong marriage.

Many PRCs have parenting programs that encourage healthy parenting, which is also a goal of the local church. Your church has moms and dads who can

mentor young families in baby and child care and teach healthy parenting skills they may not have received themselves. Your children’s department has activities

and programs to nurture and disciple the children of women who are seeking help from the PRC.

The local PRC comes into contact on a regular basis with young women who need practical help, such as baby and maternity clothing, car seats, cribs, and diapers.

Your church can put feet to its pro-life commitment by helping to provide these on a regular basis by hosting baby showers for new and gently-used items.

This is an excellent, practical ministry for everyone from young people to senior citizens in your church to work together to offer services that

reach out in love to your community.

Adapted from an article by CJ Payne, Executive Director
of CPC Pregnancy Resources in Davenport, Iowa

*If you would be interested in partnering with the PRC, and to serve as a church liaison for your church, please contact the Center at 740-592-4700 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..