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Sexual Integrity Program...

Sexual Integrity (SI) is expressing your gift of sexuality throughout life in a true, excellent, honest, and pure way. It is protection in childhood, direction in adolescence, and celebration in adulthood.

The goal of the SI program is to help you discover and achieve sexual integrity in your life. This is done by focusing on four specific areas of growth…

1. Relationships

2. Marriage

3. Fertility

4. Sexual Wholeness (healing & restoration)

You may choose one of two video series in the curriculum to aid in the learning process:

1. The Blueprint for Sexual Integrity - Carrie Abbott - 7 sessions

2. Steps to Sexual Health - Doug Weiss, L.P.C. - 10 sessions

Sexuality has been woven through each of the major areas in our lives - physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

It is an integral part of who we are, not just what we choose to do with our bodies.

As women we are created to love and to give life. It is only when we make choices to trade off part of our wholeness that sexual brokenness interferes with our bodies original design.

The SI program will teach you to critique your life patterns and develop a plan that will lead to a variety of health benefits including: a decrease in number of abortions, STI’s, out-of-wedlock births, divorce, domestic abuse, and child abuse.

We know that empowerment is found through knowledge.

As a student in the program you will receive…

A personalized study journal

Support, help and friendship

Special reward gifts

A unique graduation gift

The ability to find a worthy relationship

Bring a friend along to receive an additional gift!

Call the Pregnancy Resource Center at (740) 592-4700 or see your client consultant to sign up today.